Example of a HOME Menu decorated with Mario Kart Badges.

Badges are the main prize and objective of the game, the player may want to collect badges to complete their collection or to decorate the 3DS HOME Menu button HOME Menu.

To acquire badges the player must play Crane Games, they come in a huge variety each featuring a certain theme and they change daily.

In order to play the Crane Games the player must use plays, these can be given to the player by the Bunny, won daily in the Practice Catcher or bought.

Practice Badges are the badges awarded at the Practice Catcher, these are only for practicing and the player doesn't get to keep those; and they have a small chance of being colored.

Each badge has its own Category, so when the player want to decorate their HOME Menu button HOME Menu they can find the badge they want easily.

Mega Badges


Bunny explaining about the Mega Badge count towards the collection, the Bowser Mega Badge is worth 4 badges while the Mario Mega Badge is worth 2 badges.

Mega Badges appear to be regular badges during the Crane Game, but when the player goes to arrange them on the HOME Menu button HOME Menu, they will notice that the badges are broken down into pieces, it is up to the player to organize the badges in the HOME Menu button HOME Menu correctly, or, to get more creative and swap pieces, for example, putting Mario's body, and the Nintendo Badge Arcade as his head, since the icon for the game is the Bunny's face, it would look like the Bunny with Mario's body.

Unearned badges

Darkened badges with no arrow are owned,
blue and yellow arrow points towards normal unearned badges,
red and yellow arrow points towards unearned Mega Badges,
being yellow core worth 2 badges and red core worth 4 badges.

Mega Badges are also worth extra towards the collection count.

If the player is looking for Mega Badges, they should look at the bottom screen and see what the Bunny is saying, he notifies the player when a Crane Game contains a Mega Badge.

Another way to find Mega Badges is by pressing the 3DSXButton, this will show all of the unearned badges, and the Mega Badges will have a different arrow color, as shown in the image to the right.

Launcher Badges

Launcher badges are badge able to launch software, like the Camera, StreetPass Mii Plaza, and Music. At the bottom of a catcher where the bunny is, he says "Ooh, I spy launcher badges" when there are launcher badges in the catcher. There are no Mega Launcher Badges.

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