Bunny giving daily news about Splatoon to the player.

The Bunny (officially known as Arcade Bunny) is an employee in the arcade who is realizing his dream of working in an arcade (or a Badge Arcade specifically), he explains to the player everything they need to know about the arcade, and tells about the daily updates, he also builds the collection statues.

Bunny faces

The Bunny is well known for his various expressions and reactions.

Face Image
Happy NoExpression
Pumped up PumpedUp
Glaring CrazyEyes
Powered up PoweredUp
Laughing out loud LaughingOutLoud
Sad Sad
Crying Crying
Crying out loud CryingOutLoud
Sheepish Sheepish
Blacked out BlackedOut
Angry Angry
Jump for joy JumpForJoy
Real deal RealDeal
Left hanging Frozen
Astonished Astonished
Clapping Clapping
Disguised Disguised
Passionate Passionate
Radiant Radiant
Caring Caring
Blissful Blissful
Cheeky Cheeky
Speechless Surprised
Doubtful Doubtful
Displeased Displeased
Persuasive CuteEyes
Cheerful Cheerful
Enigmatic Enigmatic
Mischievous Mischievous
Interested Interested
Content Content
Winking Winking
Joyful Joyful
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