A Crane Game featuring the "Yoshi's Woolly World" game.

The Crane Game (officially known as Catcher) is the core of the Nintendo Badge Arcade, here the player may use plays to move the crane around and catch badges, there are several different Crane Games.


On close inspection, one may notice that the "terrain" on the Crane Game changes, here is a little list of them:

  • Normal Terrain - This terrain is represented by diagonal stripes on the surface, it has friction.
  • Ice Terrain - This terrain is represented by wave patterns along its surface, giving it an impression of ice, it has very little friction, thus making it slippery.
  • Bouncy Terrain - This terrain is represented by a smooth surface, it is commonly seen in Crane Games that have a Bomb Crane, it is bouncy and throws back objects that fall on it.


Besides terrain there are other objects that affect the Crane Game.

  • Badge - This is the objective of the game, they can have various properties and their shape can affect how the crane and other objects interact with it.
    1. Taped Badge - This is the badge that appears stuck in mid-air, when they are hit by the crane or another object it usually falls down without much force.
    2. Hooked Badge - This badge appears with a hook stuck in it, it is nothing more than an extra shape to the badge, so it can get stuck in terrain or picked up by the crane.
  • Nail - This object can be seen inside terrain as a small circle, it literally holds the terrain by a single point, making it movable.
  • Box - This object usually has badges inside of it, it is square-shaped.
  • Square - This object usually has badges stuck in it, it is square-shaped, but what makes it different than the box, is that the badges don't move about inside.
  • Circle - This object usually has badges stuck in it, it is circle-shaped.


The crane is moved only by using the 3DSAButton button, the 3DSXButton can also be pressed during the Crane Game to see the unearned badges, the game will show arrows above the unearned ones and the Mega Badges will have a different arrow color, by pressing the 3DSLButton and the 3DSRButton the player can change between Crane Games and the player can also touch the Bunny at the bottom screen to ask him to reset the Crane Game, which means all badges will return to their initial positions.

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