List of Crane Games

Crane Game 1


Crane Game 2


Crane Game 3


Crane Game 4

Mario Kart Crane 1

Crane Game 5

Mario Kart Crane 2

Crane Game 6

Mario Kart Crane 6

Crane Game 7

Mario Kart Crane 7

Crane Game 8

Mario Kart Crane 8


Before the player starts playing this Crane Game it is recommended that they reset it first, and as soon as the it opens again, the player should quickly move to another Crane Game, when they do this, the Power-up Block badge should have been left hanging in the air, and when the player comes back, it should fall straight down to the hole, and the player will earn a badge without even spending a play and making it easier to catch the remaining badges.

Crane Game 9

Mario Kart Crane 9


This is one of the easiest Catchers out there. Just get the left pincer to latch onto Pink Gold Peach's hair on the left side, and the crane will pull and push the block into the pit below. Voila!

Crane Game 10

Mario Kart Crane 10


Basically, the strategy is to get whatever you want before the other items fall on it.

Crane Game 11

Mario Kart Crane 11

Crane Game 12

Mario Kart Crane 12

Crane Game 13

Mario Kart Crane 13

Crane Game 14

Mario Kart 8 Crane 14

Crane Game 14

Mario Kart 8 Crane 15

List of Sets


Icon for the Mario Kart 8 Group of Sets.

Set 1


Mario Kart 8 Set 1

Set 2


Mario Kart 8 Set 2

Set 3


Mario Kart 8 Set 3

Set 4

Mario Kart 8 Set 4

Set 5

Mario Kart 8 Set 5

Set 6

Mario Kart 8 Set 6

Set 7

Mario Kart 8 Set 7

Set 8

Mario Kart 8 Set 8

Set 9

Mario Kart 8 Set 9

Set 10

Mario Kart 8 Set 10

Set 11

Mario Kart 8 Set 11

Set 12

Mario Kart 8 Set 12

Set 13

Mario Kart 8 Set 13

Set 14

Mario Kart 8 Set 14

Set 15

Mario Kart 8 Set 15

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